Power Conscious Approach

The power conscious approach is a framework that has been conceptualized by Chris Linder, the director of the McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention Research & Education at the University of Utah.

This approach centers the role of power in individual, institutional, and cultural levels of interactions, policies, and practices. Thus, focusing on the relationship people have with systems of oppression. This cannot be done without critical consciousness and intersectionality. The power conscious approach is what the CVRC uses to respond to victims of violence. While working with preventative measures to stop violence before it happens, the staff members of the CVRC are committed to recognizing the history and context of violence in America and the implications it has on students today. We will also commit to working in

solidarity with our colleagues to address oppression and move to a primary mode of prevention for sexual violence.

campus violence response center


Ground Floor, Gove Student Health Center

107 Gray Drive, Greensboro, NC 27412

Phone Number: 336.334.9839

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