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Beginning early June, the Student Blue portal will open to accept Fall 2024 insurance enrollments and waivers for “eligible, registered” students. As returning and new students register for classes, they will receive emails from Student Blue through their UNCG email address notifying them of their eligibility to access the portal and submit fall enrollments or waivers. 

Please allow 1-3 business days for processing of the email notifications. Deadline for Fall enrollment and waiver submission is September 10, 2024. For more information visit

Health insurance is mandatory for all students. They have the option to continue under their parents’ coverage or secure their own policy. Proof of insurance must be submitted via an online waiver. Uninsured students have the opportunity to enroll in the Student Blue Health Insurance Plan.

Student Blue Health Insurance Plans for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025: Students have the option to select from two plans:

  • Premium Plan
  • Value Plan

For current status on your waiver, check recent emails from Student Blue and the Student Health Insurance Department sent to your email. You can also add a secondary email to Student Blue for additional notifications.

The following UNC Greensboro students are required to have health insurance and are automatically charged the current semesterly premium amount for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) when they register for the semester. You must provide proof of insurance on-line at the Student Blue link above in order to waive the premium:

  • Undergraduate Students: enrolled in 6 or more credit hours in a degree-seeking on-campus program or major.
  • Graduate Students: enrolled in 1 or more credit hours in a degree-seeking on-campus program or major.
  • International Students: All students with F-1,F-2 or J-1, J-2 visas.
  • Integrative Community Studies (ICS) Beyond Academics: enrolled in 6 or more credit hours.

NOTE: Students in distance/online programs or majors are NOT ELIGIBLE for Student Insurance. Therefore, distance/online programs or majors are not required to waive.

  • All outside insurance policies must be effective by September 1st for the fall semester and February 1st for the spring semester, in order to be verified for waiver purposes.
  • Students in “Online Programs” are not eligible to enroll in the student insurance plan nor charged an insurance premium, therefore not required to submit a waiver.
  • Medicaid Family Planning is not credible health insurance and will not be approved to obtain a waiver.
  • If your UNC Greensboro- Student Account has been charged the current semesterly premium for the Student Blue plan, you are required to have health insurance.
  • Only students who are eligible for the mandatory hard waiver UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan are eligible for coverage.
  • All charges for the Student Blue insurance premium will appear on your UNC Greensboro Student Account. Please review it to see charges and credits. When your waiver has been approved, a credit (looks like a payment) of the premium amount will appear on your Student Account.
  • Student Blue insurance will NOT provide coverage for dependents, (spouses, domestic partners and children). It also does not cover students on a voluntary basis.
  • To waive using TRICARE or Veteran Affairs insurance, enter the sponsor or Military Member’s social security number or DOD number
  • If you are purchasing Student Blue insurance, you must go online to activate the insurance by enrolling.
  • Insurance premiums cannot be prorated.
  • Enrollments or Waivers must be submitted through the Student Blue portal.
  • To be eligible for student insurance, students must be registered for the required number of credit hours in a degree seeking on-campus program before access to the portal will be granted.
  • For returning students the StudentBlue portal opens early May for Fall semester and early November for Spring semester.
  • New students become eligible to enroll / waive upon their registration.
  • The deadline for Fall student insurance enrollment or waiver submission is September 10, 2024 for the fall semester.
  • If students miss the Sept. 10 waiver deadline, there is a two-week appeal period. The Student Blue portal will remain open to receive enrollments or waivers through October 14, 2024. Once the appeal period closes on October 14th, no further appeals for enrollments or waivers will be accepted for the fall 2024 semester
  • Due to increased portal activity, there may be delays in waiver verification during the months of May & June.

All F1 & J1 Visa International students are required to have health insurance while attending UNC Greensboro. Students may enroll into the Student Health Insurance Plan or they may enroll in another US or home country plan that meets the University’s minimum health insurance requirements. In order to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan, students must complete the online waiver form with Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Your health plan must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum total benefit/coverage of $100,000 (USD) per accident or illness
  • Plan deductible of no more than $500 (USD)
  • Minimum of $50,000 (USD) for medical evacuation
  • Minimum of $25,000 (USD) for repatriation coverage
  • Policy must be active for the entire duration of the academic semester

**Important notice regarding non-US health insurance plans. After completing the online insurance waiver you will be required to send a copy of your policy declaration page for review. All information must be submitted in English and all of the benefits and exclusions of the plan must be clearly stated. If the policy does not meet the minimum requirements and/ or it is not completely in English, the waiver will automatically be declined and students must purchase the University sponsored plan.

Plan information

SemesterCoverage BeginsCoverage Ends
FallAugust 1, 2024December 31, 2024
SpringJanuary 1, 2025July 31, 2025


All students are welcome to use Student Health Center services. The Student Health Center is not a Medicaid provider. However, there are charges for lab, x-ray, pharmacy, allergy shots, physical therapy and special procedures. Since we are not a Medicaid provider, students may be seen at Student Health Services but will be responsible for these charges.

insurance resources

insurance Dept. Contact Info:

Shelley Queen

Student Insurance Manager
Phone: 336.334.5759
Email: Shelley Queen at [email protected]

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