No. Spartan Recovery @ UNCG is not set up to provide treatment, though we work closely with treatment providers particularly as we set up re-integration plans for returning to academic life. If you are looking for treatment, let us know and we can help. If you are a treatment provider looking to help a student return to school, we would love to be part of your aftercare planning.

Are you seeking recovery, in recovery, or recovered from an alcohol or substance use disorder, or a process addiction like gambling, self-harm, sex/porn, gaming? Do you stay sober because you have a family member or friend who has struggled with addiction or because your mental health recovery requires sobriety? If so, then yes, Spartan Recovery @ UNCG is for you. If you’re not sure, come check us out and we’ll help you figure out where you belong.

Spartan Recovery @ UNCG is part of a national community called the Association for Recovery in Higher Education. With that comes a primary focus on keeping our community safe for students with alcohol and substance use disorders. However, we are open to supporting students with any sort of addiction and helping them to find resources.

No! Whether you are in the first month of your recovery or have years under your belt and are returning to school, you are welcome to attend our meetings and use our space.

If you are not sure if you have a problem, Counseling & Psychological Services have some great anonymous online screening tools you can access right here (LINK TO MH Resources Screening). If you’re not sure that your problem needs recovery, we invite you to check out one of our groups or contact us with any questions or concerns.

It can be overwhelming when you realize you have a problem, and it feels like there are a lot of steps to take. There are a lot of paths to recovery- even on the UNCG campus! You can contact Student Health Services, Counseling & Psychological Services, or Spartan Recovery @ UNCG.

We’d love to offer support during your journey and depending on where you are in the recovery process depends on how we can help. If that sounds too intimidating, try making it to one of our meetings—you don’t have to do this alone!

You made the right first move in coming to us! Go to an Al-Anon meeting or meet with us so we can understand more about the situation and how to best approach it. We will help you create a plan to reach out to your friend and provide you support along the way.

If you follow us on Instagram (@srpuncg) or check out our CANVAS page you can see things we have done—and keep up to date on our plans. The best way to keep up is to hang out in the Spartan Recovery Lounge. We are always looking for students to help lead new adventures, teach us something new, or just hang out. Fun, academics, and recovery go together beautifully at Spartan Recovery @ UNCG!

We do not have an application process. We invite anyone to walk in however they feel most comfortable, whether that is by joining a meeting or through having a one-on-one conversation with our friendly staff. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in this community. You can also join our CANVAS page by clicking here.

There is no fee associated with attending Spartan Recovery @ UNCG.

We help connect students with Counseling & Psychological Services (LINK TO CAPS), sometimes even walking them over to meet a counselor. We strongly encourage students seeking

recovery to utilize the Counseling & Psychological Services resources. We have a great relationship with the Counseling & Psychological Services clinicians – you may even see some of our counselors in Spartan Recovery @ UNCG leading groups or participating in our meetings.

We are not confidential in the same way that Counseling & Psychological Services or Student Health Services are. We are required to report if a student is actively at risk for harming themselves or others, and we are mandatory reporters to Title IX. We are also required to report Clery Crimes, although we can do that without sharing student names. We value students’ privacy. If you have concerns about privacy, speak to the Coordinator, Ches Kennedy ([email protected]

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