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Immunization Requirements

North Carolina Law states individuals attending college or university (undergraduate, graduate, and transfer) are required to submit record of immunization. Please submit records at the time of admission and prior to attending SOAR ( new student orientation) session.

Watch video: Uploading Your Immunization Records

Step 1:

Submit immunization form.

An acceptable record must contain:

  • *Students Name
  • *Date of birth
  • *Vaccine name and date received (M/D/YR)
  • *Doctor’s/clinic stamp with address or signature of clinician and address.

Download Form

Step 2:

Submit medical history form.

Please note: If you are less than 18 years of age, a parent/guardian will need to sign.

Download Form

Documents can be uploaded to the >>>Patient Portal< <<< or submitted via fax,hand delivered to Anna Gove Student Health Room 202, or mailed to:
Anna M. Gove Student Health
ATTN: Immunization Department
107 Gray Drive Greensboro, NC 27412

Please contact us with questions locating your vaccination records.