Victim Advocacy

Victim advocacy is a confidential resource designed to discuss your experience and needs. A Victim Advocate can get you connected with multiple campus offices including (but not limited to): Housing & Residence Life, Dean of Students, Title IX, and Student’s First. For those interested in trauma counseling, Victim Advocacy is often the first point of contact prior to scheduling with our on-site counselor. Victim Advocates are here to listen to your story, validate and empower you, and advocate on your behalf to ensure your needs are being met.

Counseling, trauma specialty

Trauma counseling offers a unique and informed lens in supporting survivors of violence and various types of traumas. Therapeutic focus includes means to establish safety, process traumatic events through body-based practices and creative expression, empower individuals and foster a brave space for healing. Individual sessions, group therapy and trauma-informed yoga are all offerings provided by clinical staff in a walk-alongside approach.


Restoring union with the body and reclaiming the body as one’s own through asana (poses) and dhyana (meditation) is the foundation of this group.  Coming back into the body is part of coming back into wholeness during trauma healing.  The time consists of guided meditation, minimal asana with positive self-affirmation, and time for sharing.  This group is intended for survivors of trauma. 

Facilitator:     Alunda Amick LCAS, LCMHC, NCC, RYT-500 (she/her) 

Day and Time:   Fridays 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Start/Stop Dates:  January 12 – March 29

Location:   In-person SHS Ground floor, Room 015. Please call 336.334.9839 to schedule a screening appointment for this group.

campus violence response center


Ground Floor, Gove Student Health Center

107 Gray Drive, Greensboro, NC 27412

Phone Number: 336.334.9839

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