Womens Health Clinic

UNCG Student Health Services offers a Women’s Health Clinic. This clinic is set up so female students who have paid the health fee can receive specialized care at a fraction of the cost.

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*Please note: We are aware of the historical and current need for medical providers to understand and support women with their health needs. We are also aware that people of all gender identities deserve medical care focused on their needs. Providers in Women’s Health are trained in the specific health needs of people who identify as women and/or have a uterus, ovar(ies), cervix, vagina, and/or vulva. Providers at Student Health, including those in women’s health, undergo various trainings and professional development opportunities focused on the needs of people with diverse gender identities, and continue to strive to ensure our services make all feel welcome, affirmed and provided the highest quality medical care.

Clinic Services

Pap Test
STD Screening
STD Treatment
Pregnancy Testing
Oral Contraceptive Pills
Depo Provera
Nuva Ring

Nursing Mother Rooms on Campus

We offer two permanent Nursing Mother Rooms (NMR). These are rooms for the exclusive use of nursing mothers. The rooms are safe, private, and clean. Mothers may feed or pump in these rooms.

Bryan Building, Room 344G :
Contact Paige Hall Smith at phsmith@uncg.edu. Private permanent room.
Jackson Library, Room 570 :
Contact Ann Perdue at ahperdue@uncg.edu or Lea Leininger at laleinin@uncg.edu. See checkout desk for room key. Room provides a hospital grade pump.
We offer one flex NMRs. These are rooms that have multiple uses but are available upon request by a nursing mother. The rooms are safe, private, and clean. Mothers may feed or pump in these rooms.

Coleman Bldg, Center for Women’s Health and Wellness:
Contact Paige Hall Smith at 334-4735 or email at phsmith@uncg.edu. Private space available upon request (Room 126 B)
Campus Map and Floor Plans
Campus map (PDF) with buildings with a nursing mother room (NMR) highlighted.

Click the links below to open floor plans for the floors on which the NMRs are located.

Bryan, Room 344G
Coleman, Room 126B
Jackson Library, Room 570
Moore Nursing Building, Room 302B