UNCG Off-Campus Mental Health Treatment Fund

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The UNCG Off-Campus Mental Health Treatment Fund provides for immediate financial needs that arise as students seek mental health treatment off campus. Funds can be used for (but are not limited to) counseling/therapy, transportation and psychiatry/medication management.


The applicant must 1) be enrolled as a UNCG student during the semester in which service is provided; 2) use off-campus referral sources that are licensed to practice mental health care in North Carolina or the state from which services are sought; 3) have documented treatment consent from parents/guardians if student is a minor.

Application Process:

An application for financial support from the UNCG Counseling & Psychological Services Off-campus Mental Health Treatment fund must be completed by an enrolled student or by a 3rd party on behalf/with the consent of the student (such as a family member).
The application can be accessed here.
Applications that are not complete and do not have a student ID number provided will not be processed. Documentation related to the request must be provided. Some examples include itemized receipts from a treatment professional of record, itemized receipts related to transportation to/from treatment, and/or itemized medication receipt. Funds cannot be used to pay for missed appointments. Any costs associated with missed appointments are the responsibility of the student. Applicants may request up to $1000 and may take up to 30 days for approval. Submission of an application does not guarantee funding.

Fund Disbursement:

Financial awards must be distributed directly to the service provider or, in rare cases, directly to the student. Students will be required to complete a Release of Information for the off campus provider, including billing information. If funds are distributed to the student, there may be financial aid implications. For students awarded financial aid up to the Cost of Attendance for the current period, it is possible that your financial aid (usually a student or parent loan) will be reduced in order to award the Office Campus Referral Fund.
If you need any assistance related to this application, or are dealing with a mental health concern, please call UNCG’s Counseling & Psychological Services at 336-334-5874.