Massage Therapy at UNCG

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of muscles and other soft tissue to reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and promote a feeling of general well being. Modern massage techniques draw from Eastern and Western healing traditions.

When you arrive for your appointment, check-in at the front desk on the first (main) floor with your student ID card. You will be charged if you no show or do not cancel 24 hours in advance.

We ask that you reschedule your appointment if you have been exposed to a communicable illness within the last three weeks and/or you have a fever or flu-like symptoms.


  • Students: $32.00-  per half-hour
  • Students: $50.00-  per hour


Meet Our Massage Therapists

Appointments are required. Please contact our massage therapist for scheduling appointments.


Denise Jones, LMBT   Call or text 931-305-8359 for an appointment
Denise is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist who specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. She works primarily with soft tissue manipulation of the body, which loosens tight, tired and often times overused muscles. She incorporates therapeutic modalities and mild stretching to relieve pain and discomfort and to relax and rejuvenate muscles.