Insurance and Payments

Summer Health Fee 2017

UNCG Student Health Services works hard to meet student healthcare needs and to provide continuity of care in the summer months for both enrolled students and those not taking summer classes but still living or working in the area.

    • Students enrolled in summer sessions can access all the Student Health Services benefits throughout the summer.

    Students not in summer school but enrolled in the Spring and enrolling in the coming Fall: 

    • Can be seen at the Student Health Services Center Medical Clinic for $20/appointment. There will be a reduced rate for other services(lab, x-rays, etc.) during the appoinment.
    • Can be seen at the Student Health Services Counseling Center for a fee of $10/appointment and $20/appointment with the psychiatric nurse practitioner. Summer fees are effective from May 15, 2017 until August 5, 2017.


Student Health Fee

The Student Health Service fee that UNCG students pay as part of their general university tuition entitles them to many professional services offered by the Student Health Service. The fee itself pays for any office visit charges, meaning a student does not have to pay to be treated by a health care provider. However, the fee does not cover services such as procedures, labs, immunizations, orthopedic equipment, or pharmacy.

Fee for Service

Students paying a health fee as part of their tuition are entitled to use the facility without an office visit charge. Students who do not pay a health fee must pay a Student Health access fee to receive services.

Please call (336) 334-5340 for questions or to find out more about specific fee charges. 


Payment for any charges incurred by a student is due on the day of service. We accept several forms of payment: cash, check, MasterCard/Visa/Discover, or students may charge the balance to the university Cashier’s Office*.

Charges posted at the Cashier's Office are noted as a “Student Health charge” and this posting reveals no specifics concerning the actual visit. The Student Health Service holds with the utmost regard a patient's right to privacy and information concerning a visit is not accessible by any person outside of Student Health Service without expressed written permission from the patient.

*An important note about charges sent to the Cashier’s Office: If charges are deferred to the cashier, payment should be made to the University Cashier's office within 30 days following services rendered or before the end of the current semester, whichever is sooner. Until payment is received, please be aware that records may be tagged, which may prevent registration for classes, receiving of course schedules, graduation, or being able to receive transcripts. Beyond the current semester of enrollment, balances remaining on the student’s account will begin to accrue interest and may be submitted for collections to the North Carolina Attorney General which could cause garnishment of state income tax refunds and involvement of external collection agencies.

Please pay your bill at the cashier's office in a timely manner.


UNCG students meeting specific eligibility criteria are required to have health insurance. UNCG offers an affordable Student Health Insurance Plan for students who need coverage or for those desiring to change insurance plans. For more information about the Student Health Insurance Plan, eligibility requirements, how to enroll or, if you already have existing coverage, how to waive out of the plan, visit our Student Health Insurance Page.

UNCG Student Health Services files claims for Student Health Insurance Plan policy holders. Students who are not enrolled in the student health insurance plan must bring their current insurance card and present it at the time of check in.  

Students who have policies through other insurance carriers may request a walk out statement that can be used to self file claims. Please be advised that the Student Health may not be in network for other insurance carriers. It is strongly advisable that a student consults their individual policy regarding benefits and coverage before seeking care at the Student Health Center. 

The Student Health Service Pharmacy does accept a variety of prescription drug plans. Please visit our pharmacy page for more information.