Finding A Provider in Your Community or via TeleHealth:

The Counseling Center is working on being able to offer telehealth services (phone- and video- based services) that are aligned with federal and state laws and regulations, as well as professional ethical guidelines. Information on those services will be forthcoming. For now, we recommend you seek care in your local community. If you are returning home, here is some information to find a provider in your area:

See general off-campus resources for therapy and psychiatry here (General Off-Campus Provider Options and Off-Campus Psychiatry/Medication Management Provider Options)

Psychology Today website:

Psychology Today

Teletherapy Resources:

On the Psychology Today Website Psychology Today

  • –> “Find a Therapist” Enter City/Zip Code
  • –> Left side of the page Select Insurance Type
  • –> Scroll down and then select, “Online Therapy”
  • –> Select “Online Counseling”

Several options should then appear of therapists within the search area who provide teletherapy.

National Resources for TeleHealth:

Regional Resources:

Self-Help Apps:

For more information on how to connect with a therapist in your home community, you may also contact the Counseling Center for support at 336-334-5874.