Immunization Clinic

StarFrequently Asked Questions

What forms do I need to complete for Immunizations

(a)Immunization record form. Must have clinic stamp or signature and address of medical provider.
(b)Medical history form. If under age 18 or under guardianship, please have parent or guardian sign form

When are Immunizations /Medical history form due?

Student Health recommends Immunization/Medical History form be turned in 2 weeks before Soar. Other departments (such as financial aid) may have specific deadlines in which requirements must be met. N.C. Immunization Law mandates that students must be in compliance 30 days after 1st day of registration.

Where can I find my Immunizations records?

Acceptable records may be obtained from:
*Personal shot record ( Needs clinic stamp or MD/provider signature and address)
*Local Health Dept.
*Military Records
*Previous College / University ( you must request records from previous institution, records do not
transfer automatically)

What are acceptable records?

Acceptable records contain:
*Name of student
*name and date of vaccines received(M-D-YR),
*Doctor’s stamp with address , Clinic stamp with address, Signature with address of Provider, Health Department stamp
Be sure you keep a copy of your records

Can I get vaccines at UNCG ?

YES, Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Contact us for prices.

What would make me exempt?

*All classes after 5pm or later
*All classes on weekend
*All online classes
*If you take less than 4 credit hours between 8am-5pm

What if no records can be found.

Must start series of vaccines that are required.

How can I get a copy of my record if I’ve attended UNC-Greensboro in past?

Submit Medical release form( click on “forms” in box to right of screen)
Forms should be submitted to medical records: fax (336) 334-5343

Does SHS give Travel Vaccines?

Contact : Guilford Co. Health Dept. Travel Clinic 336-641-3245

May I email my immunization records to UNCG?

Immunization records can be faxed to (336) 334-5357 or mailed to:
ATTN: immunization Office
107 Gray Drive
Greensboro, NC 27412

How will I know that my immunization records have been recieved and are acceptable?

Students will receive an email notification if there are any issues with the records submitted. Students are welcome to contact the Immunization Office Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm to check the status of their records.

North Carolina Law

North Carolina law requires individuals attending a college or university, whether public, private or religious, to receive certain immunizations. The registrar of the college or university is responsible for assuring the required immunizations have been received by all new (undergraduate and graduate) students enrolling in college each semester. The statute applies to all students except students residing off-campus and registering for any combination of:
Off-campus courses
Evening courses (classes beginning after 5 p.m.)
Weekend courses
No more than four day credit hours in on-campus courses

StarImmunization Requirements

Immunizations RequirementsRecords must have documented proof of the following vaccinations:
DTP/TD/TDAP ( 3 doses one of which must be a TDAP)
Polio3 doses (if the person has not attained the 18th birthday.)
Measles2 MEASLES (Rubeola) one dose on or after age 12 months and before age 16 months and a second dose before enrolling in school for the first time. (2MMR doses meet this requirement.)
Rubella1 RUBELLA (German measles) dose. (after first birthday)
Mumps2 MUMPS doses (both after first birthday)
Hepatitis BRequired if born after 7/01/1994

StarImmunization Guidelines


Acceptable Records Of Immunizations
Personal Shot RecordsMust be verified by a doctor’s stamp or signature or by a clinic or health department stamp.
Local Health Department
Military Records or WHO (World Health Organization Documents)
Previous College or UniversityYour immunization records do not transfer automatically. You must request a copy.


Can I receive my allergy shots at Student Health Services (SHS)?

Yes. The Immunization department (Room 202) can administer allergy injections. NOTE: SHS does not mix serum or provide allergy testing.

What information is needed from my allergy doctor?

Student Health Services will need [1] contact information for the allergist office, [2] your orders for administration that includes build up schedule, what to do for missed doses, what to do for reactions and what to do for re-orders.

Will I be required to wait after receiving allergy injections?

Yes. Student Health Services requires that clients wait in the office for 20 minutes after getting an injection or doctor's requirement. A consent form will need to be signed before the first injection with this information.

Is there a cost for these services?

Yes, there is an injection fee charge with each visit. The cost will vary depending on part-time vs. full-time status and number of shots administered.

Do I need an appointment and what are the hours?

We prefer appointments be made for allergy injections. Appointment times are:
Monday -Friday
8am - 4:30pm

Will Student Health Services store my allergy serum?

Yes. Student Health Services will keep your serum in a refrigerator in which temperature is checked twice a day when SHS is open.

What is the contact information?

Please send your information to:
Anna M. Gove Student Health Center
Attn: Immunization Department
107 Gray Drive
Greensboro, NC 27412
(P) 336-334-4086
(F) 336-334-5357

Be certain that your name and ID Number appear on each sheet and that all forms are mailed together. The records must be in ink and the dates of vaccine must include the month, day, and year. Keep a copy for your records.