Referring Others (CC)

Concerned about someone?

Sometimes students have concerns about their roommates or friends and wonder how to get them to schedule a visit at the Counseling Center.  If you have concerns about your roommate or a friend, you can call the Counseling Center and ask for a brief consult with the on-call counselor (336-334-5874).  You don’t have to be shouldering the concern by yourself.

Another option is to tell your roommate or friend that you are concerned and the reasons for your concerns. Keep it specific and fact based (“I’m concerned for you b/c you’ve not been to class or the cafeteria for a few days now”).  Offer to walk your roommate or friend to the Counseling Center.  You can also ask your RA or your friend’s RA to help you approach your friend. 

Here is a list of general behaviors which would indicate it’s time to suggest that your roommate or friend seek mental health consultation. If you see or hear your friend or roommate:

  •  Having a rapid, almost overnight change in behavior
  •  Not making sense, talking about strange occurrences, seeming confused
  •  Talking about hurting self or others***
  •  Talking about hearing voices which tell person to do certain things
  •  Staying in bed, missing classes, not going to cafeteria/not eating
  •  Not sleeping at night
  •  Not practicing daily hygiene
  •  Hearing voices, responding to voices which you aren’t hearing
  •  Using alcohol and other substances to excess

Behaving/interacting in ways in which you feel unsafe in person’s presence

***If the person is talking about plans to hurt self or others, call 911 immediately.


As stated above, you don’t have to figure this out by yourself. Even if you don’t see or hear any of the above actions but you have concerns for someone, you can call the Counseling Center, 336-334-5874 or you can use the CC’s walk in hours.  Walk In hours occur daily and provide students with an immediate mental health consultation.