Everyone feels “down” or “blue” at times. Sadness is a normal emotional response to a number of common life events, or it may occur for no apparent reason at all. These feelings may become apparent during your college years, as you navigate multiple transitions in your life and are faced with an increasing amount of social and academic challenges. Some people may begin to feel hopeless, irritable, have crying spells at times, and an increasing desire to socially withdraw. You may have lost interest in activities you once enjoyed, have difficulty making decisions and staying focused, and have experienced changes in your sleeping or eating patterns. You may also be having suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of harming yourself. Many people who are suffering from depression report guilt and excessive feelings of worthlessness. Some are embarrassed or ashamed by their symptoms, feeling they should just “get over it”, and may find it difficult to talk to family or friends about their feelings.

It is important to monitor the frequency (how often?), the severity (how bad is it?) and the duration (how long does it last?) of your symptoms. Help and treatment is available for your symptoms. Please come into The Counseling Center to see which treatment options are best for you.

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