Individual Counseling

The campus environment can be exciting and challenging. It can also be highly stressful as social and emotional concerns can interfere with effective functioning and academic performance. The Counseling Center staff provides individual therapy to help students benefit from their college experience by enhancing their psychological health and personal effectiveness. Therapy is a unique, confidential and collaborative relationship between a trained helper and a person seeking help in which the skills of the helper, the atmosphere created and strengths of the person seeking help work together to facilitate positive changes. Our staff helps students deal with a diverse range of mental health and developmental concerns. Many people, including highly successful ones, find significant benefits from therapy as they navigate periods of turmoil in their lives or work to enhance their quality of life. If you have any questions about individual therapy please call The Counseling Center.

Examples of issues we help students address include:

If you need an appointment, please visit the “How To Make An Appointment” page
For information on some of the issues we help students with, please visit our Mental Health Resources website.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Your online source for credible health information. 

1 Photo, 6 Words. #VetoViolence: Suicide Prevention Video

CDC and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in 2015 launched 1 Photo, 6 Words. #VetoViolence—an initiative that encouraged sharing actions on social media that help prevent suicide.

Today, we’re releasing a video of select submissions that suicide prevention professionals, public health practitioners, organizations, and people like you posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Watch ways that people are giving hope and fostering resilience in families, relationships, workplaces, and communities across the country. Thanks to all participants for inspiring motivation and social change!