The program BRAVE – Building Responsible Advocates for Violence Education – has the goal of promoting healthy relationships for UNCG students through an education and advocacy training program. The program will build a network of allies throughout campus. The BRAVE program will focus on all forms of Interpersonal Violence (IPV) including, abusive dating relationships (physically/sexually abusive and psychologically abusive), sexual assault (particularly among acquaintances), stalking and harassment.


BRAVE program objectives are: (1) To help students recognize the early warning signs of interpersonal violence and the multiple factors that enable it. (2) To give students the opportunity to practice and implement leadership skills to take preventative action in risky situations. (3) To build empathy for their peers experiencing unhealthy relationships and interpersonal violence. (4) For students to leave feeling our training feeling confident about how they can make a difference to contribute to a safer campus environment for UNCG and to help model and build healthy relationships. In addition to learning the warning signs for all types of relationship violence, students will learn what a bystander is and will model and practice the four steps (Observe, Assess, Act and Follow Up) to become an active bystander through a series of scenarios applicable to the college population. Upon completion of the BRAVE training, students will receive materials that will serve as a visible notice to all other students that they are BRAVE certified and are peers who can be counted on to help and make appropriate referrals for those involved in unhealthy dating relationships or other IPV situations.

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