Appointments at The Medical Clinic

Appointment Information

As with most health care providers, Student Health Services encourages you to make an appointment. We can usually accommodate most appointment requests on the same day.However, during busy times an appointment may not be available until the next day. We will always see true medical emergencies immediately.

You will receive an email appointment reminder if you schedule an appointment for the next day. Same day appointments do not receive a reminder. The email will be sent to your UNCG email account. The email will remind of the appointment, the time, and the needto bring your
UNCG ID card.


You may choose to come to the Medical Clinic as a “work-in” patient, that is, a patient without an appointment. Depending on your condition, you may be assessed by a nurse to determine severity. Depending upon your individual circumstances, you may be “worked-in” to the schedule, have an appointment made for you later in the day or scheduled for the next day.
Please understand that all UNCG students who are eligible for services will be seen by a medical professional during regular business hours regardless if you have an appointment or not. You may have to wait but you will be assessed.

Student ID Required for Services

Student Health Services, like many other University Departments requires a UNCG Student ID in order to receive services. This is a requirement for all services. The Student Health Services Pharmacy requires a government issued ID card (your UNCG Student ID does not meet this requirement according to NC General Statutes) when you purchase certain prescription or non-prescription medications. Please ask about this requirement in the Pharmacy.


Student Health Services offers patient self check-in kiosks in the Medical Clinic and Counseling Center lobbies. You may only check-in for Medical Clinic services on the first floor stations. Students coming for Counseling Center appointments must self check-in at the Counseling Center check-in stations. Please follow the instruction carefully as you use these modules. You must have your UNCG Student ID Card to check-in.

Appointments Are Commitments

Please be respectful of the healthcare needs of others by arriving for your appointment at least 10
minutes but no more than 30 minutes ahead of time. This allows you the opportunity to check in,
get a parking pass if needed, and complete any other necessary paperwork.

Your personal responsibility is essential in order for Student Health Services to maintain efficient operations. If you are 5 or more minutes late for your appointment, you have forfeited your appointment time. You will be asked to reschedule or be offered the opportunity to be seen as a “work-in.” The Counseling Center charges a no-show fee for failure to keep your
appointment without notice within 24 hours of the appointment. This includes late arrivals, as well.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call and cancel so someone else can be seen in your place. Students failing to cancel or show up for appointments repeatedly risk losing their ability to make future appointments. In such a circumstance, you will be seen only as a “work-in.”


Patient Parking tags are available for the limited number of patient parking spaces in the vicinity of the Student Health Center. They are available on a first come basis and are limited to 90 minutes maximum. To receive a Patient Parking tag, please check in at the front desk. This is the only place they are available. The University enforces all Parking Regulations and restrictions at and around the Student Health Center. Student Health Services is not responsible
for your parking violations.