Alumni Legacy Statements


Sheliagh H.

I am not in Spartan Recovery because I am a Spartan; I am a Spartan because I am in Spartan Recovery. 

SRP Alumni


Sydney S.

SRP helped me to be successful in my college career by providing me a safe place on campus, full of resources for my recovery as a college student.

SRP Alumni


Rachel B.

Thank you SRP, for always showing me I am valued and loved, and that my recovery is something to ALWAYS be proud of.  

SRP Alumni



Alex S.

Never doubt yourself and never give up; you’re so much stronger than you know.

SRP Alumni


Rachel R.

Having a collegiate recovery community on campus made me feel like I belong on campus again.

SRP Alumni


Cyrus K.

SRP made me feel like a Spartan!

SRP Alumni

Tyler D.

….I am forever grateful for the lack of judgment and undeniable inclusiveness I received from SRP. A huge thank you to Terri, Jennifer, Chase, Alex And Caroline. I appreciate you all having faith in me. 

SRP Alumni


Chase H.

SRP gave me my voice. It completely transformed my life and shaped my entire career path. The EPIC power of SRP unlocked something in me that developed my confidence, leadershlip ability, and potential for growth. It is where I learned to be an advocate for myself and others.

SRP Alumni

John S.

SRP has proven to me that I can succeed with both my substance use recovery and my academics.

SRP Alumni


Langston P.

Collegiate recovery gave me the resources, support and community that helped me reach my potential.

SRP Alumni