Some Things to Think About…

Did you know that 34 percent of UNCG do not drink. Also, did you know that only 21 percent of UNCG students drank to the point that they had a hangover. 58 percent of students do not drink because they feel like it will interfere with school work.

The NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) reports, that each year 1,400 college students die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries. In addition, alcohol is involved in 500,000 unintentional injuries, 600,000 assaults, and 70,000 cases of sexual assault and acquaintance rape.

Designate a driver. Do not Drive Drunk or Ride with a Drunk! Friends don’t let Friends Drink and Drive!

If you lose your good judgment after you have had a few–make sure you are with a sober friend you trust to guide you safely home. Many of the campus Greeks organize shuttle services to off campus events.

Local Community Groups and Resources

If you think you might have an alcohol problem, the following are some resources in Guilford County; however this list is not meant to exclude other valuable local resources, nor are the following resources necessarily recommended by the Student Health Services staff.


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

  • (336)854-4278 Call for locations of meetings.
    Or, call 1-800-711-6375 for general information.

Alcohol and Drugs Services (ADS)

  • (336)812-8645

Al-Anon (Family Group)

  • Group meetings for family members of substance abusers held various times and locations weekly. Automated Information Line for meeting information/volunteer services. (336)332-0090

If You’re Giving a Party…

North Carolina courts will hold the host responsible for drunk driving accidents of guests who were served beer or alcohol at his/her party. Have a car-key check-in unless you want the guilt of letting your drunken friend drive home and kill your kid sister when s/he runs a red light.

Serve food. Ask the guests to bring chips, veggies, sodas (no, not for chasers), etc.

Close the bar (hide the beer) at least an hour (remember it takes about an hour per drink to sober up) before the party ends so your guests can sober up before they leave.

If you choose not to drink and someone teasing you about not drinking–tell him/her to “get a life!” or “chill on the peer pressure!” Then get a glass of orange juice, water, or Coke to hang onto. It is good that you can be yourself, be sober, and learn to play and socialize and party–sober.

Remember that more than 1/3 of UNCG student body choose not to drink alcohol.