Student Accounts & Billing

About Student Accounts & Billing

The patient is responsible for payment of medical charges regardless of health insurance filing status. Payment is due on the day of service for any charges incurred by a student. We accept cash, check, the student’s MasterCard / Visa, or students may bill the charges to their student Genie account. Student Health Services are in network with Student Blue insurance and will file claims on behalf of the patient. Students with Student Blue insurance will have any charges unpaid or denied by the insurance plan charged to their student Genie account through the cashier’s office, after the claim has been processed. Outstanding medical charges may interfere with your graduation status, successful registration for subsequent semesters, or requests for transcripts. Please pay your bill at the cashier’s office in a timely manner.

It is important to CHECK OUT at the end of your medical clinic appointment or pharmacy encounter to see if there are any charges incurred for the visit. A walkout statement for the date of service is available at check out  for the patient to use for insurance filing, personal record, or excused absence purposes. If the patient does not check out any charges incurred will be billed to their student Genie account. If you need additional copies of your medical charges, please follow the guidelines below.

Obtaining Copies of Your Medical Charges

Protecting patient privacy is a high priority at Student Health Services. Due to federal regulations, we are not permitted to discuss your medical information over the telephone. Additionally, we can only discuss this information with you, the patient, and not your parents (unless you are under the age of 18), family members, spouse, or friends. If you need copies of your billing and pharmacy records, it is your responsibility to request the information. This can be done in person, by mail or fax. A completed authorization form and copy of a legal photo identification are required when requesting medical billing records. Download and complete the Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information Form in its entirety send along with a copy of your photo ID. The form must be signed and dated. Requests without signatures or photo ID will be returned.

Billing & Filing

If you have ENROLLED into the Student Health Insurance Plan via the Student Portal at your covered charges will be submitted to Student Blue for payment. Verify your insurance enrollment status before your medical appointment.

If you have WAIVED the SHIP coverage, you are responsible for filing claims to your outside health insurance carrier and must pay any charges the day of service. Ask if HIM staff can assist you in submitting your insurance claim.You must have your outside insurance card available.

Our Pharmacy is set-up for to file most outside pharmacy insurance plans. Please check with the Pharmacy to verify if your Pharmacy claim can be filed here at Student Health Services, 336-334-5340, option 4. You must have your pharmacy insurance card at the time of the encounter.

For questions related to charges incurred here at Student Health Services, contact the HIM Department at 336-334-5340.

For questions related to services rendered “outside” of Student Health Services, please contact Student Blue, 888-351-8283 or by email,

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Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information Form