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Nutrition Presentations

Edible Wisdom To-Go

This program features highlights from the weekly Edible Wisdom discussion series.  Discover a long-lasting, healthful approach to eating.  Find time to nourish and energize your body.  Balance junk food without destroying your health.  Learn the benefits of mindful eating. 

Nutrition Family Feud

Based on the classic television show, teams compete to discover ways to make a big impact on their health.

Healthful Vegetarianism:  More Than a Meatless Diet

Removing meat from your diet can have amazing health benefits……..if done correctly.  Discover ways to be satisfied.

Fast Food & Other Drugs

Feel like certain foods are addicting?  Learn how processed food can behave in the body and impact our mental and physical health.  Discuss problems with relying on caffeine for energy.

Impossible Chef Lite

Based on the popular television shows Dinner Impossible and Iron Chef, teams compete to build a well-balanced meal using common campus foods. The original kitchen-based program is no longer available. However, this Lite version offers the same concept just without real food.