Love Your Body Week

October 28 – November 1, 2013

Burial of Hauntings

What’s holding you back from loving your body?  The scale, magazines, skinny jeans?  Whatever haunts you, we challenge you to lay it to rest and bury it……once and for all.  Create a confidential memorial tombstone and symbolically bury whatever is keeping you from loving your body.

CEMETERY (EUC Lawn):  Monday – Friday

TABLE (EUC Commons):  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday   11-2pm

TABLE (Atrium/Moran Commons):  Wednesday   11-2pm

Fat Talk Free Zone  (Rec Center)

“Fat Talk” is speech that, implicitly or explicitly, reinforces the LIE that beauty, health, success, etc. is determined by weight or size.  All it takes is a few minutes of criticizing your body to cause dissatisfaction.  Stop by the Student Recreation Center where it’s not about weight.  Discover that the healthy ideal comes in different shapes and sizes.

TABLE:  Stop by on Monday and Tuesday from 4-6pm to learn more about the dangers of fat talk and how you can change the conversation.  Sign the pledge banner to end fat talk and embrace the healthy ideal.

BUTTONS:  Sign the pledge and wear the button.  If you are caught on campus wearing it, you could win a gift card.

CONVERSATION:  Enjoy a place where staff encourage health and fitness, NOT dieting.

The emBody Project  (Mon -Wed, EUC Ferguson, 9am – 7pm)

Society has falsely led us to believe that health and value are determined by weight and size.  In reality, it is our mindset and behaviors that have the biggest impact.  Visit the gallery of UNCG students and find out why they are more than a number on the scale.  Learn how you can become part of the project.