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Appointments now available online for some services.

On-line appointments are now available for some frequently used medical services. Please read our policy on late/no show appointments here.

Current Students

Click on the link below and schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.  Some appointment types, such as Women’s Health, gynecological and physical exams cannot be made using the on-line system.  Only those appointment reasons listed in the drop down box can be made using the on-line scheduler.  Please remember, if the reason you need an appointment is not shown in the drop down, you must call 336-334-5340 to schedule.

We now have all medical providers with approximately one half of their Medical Clinic appointment times available for on-line scheduling.  These appointment times are limited to the appointment reasons shown in the drop down box on the appointment page.  Please remember that it is important to give an accurate reason for appointment when you schedule on-line or call.  Failure to do so may result in you being asked to reschedule.  Women’s Health appointments of any type may not be made on-line.  You may continue to call for any type of an appointment.  Always call if you have questions.

Faculty and staff may not use the on-line scheduler for Workers’ Compensation appointments.

Online Student Health Appointments

For appointments not available through the new online service, click the following links:

The Medical Clinic

The Counseling &Testing Center

The Office of Health Promotion

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