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Pre-Paid Health Plan for Non-Enrolled Students

2014 Prepaid Health Plans

Prepaid Health Plans will be available to “non-enrolled” students for both 2013 Summer Sessions.

A “non-enrolled” student is any student who was enrolled in the 2014 Spring term, and is already registered for the 2014 Fall term. Any “non-enrolled” student may elect to purchase the Prepaid Health Plan during the 2014 Summer Sessions. This plan is designed to offer students access to health and counseling services over the summer months, even if they are not enrolled in the current Summer Sessions.

The cost of the Prepaid Health Plan is $ 65.00 for each of the two main Summer Sessions, or $130 for the entire Summer .

Students may purchase a Prepaid Health Plan at the Student Health Services Front Desk. Prepaid Health Plan coverage begins on the date of purchase.

Summer Session I coverage continues until Wednesday, June 18th;

Summer Session II coverage continues until Friday, August 8th.